Home Automation
Smart Home Hub
Madrid | May 2018

This project aims to create a solid baseline server for controlling home automation gadgets using a Raspberry Pi as the hub

The core of the project is a node.js server including an express webpage and a custom module for the communication with the arduino shield through the ZigBee antenna. The data is stored in MongoDB and WebSockets are used for real-time communication with the client.

iOS Apps
Calculator [+]
Madrid | February 2015
Calculator [+] - Screenshot 3 Calculator [+] - Screenshot 2

This stylish calculator has two execution modes, a basic one and scientific one. Its main feature is a specific field used to calculate complex functions.

From a technical point of view, this application has been developed completely in Swift and uses several design patterns as the decorator or the composite.

This free software also includes an extension or widget for the notification center with a link to the application and the latest results.

IRPF Calculator - Net and gross salary
Madrid | December 2014
IRPF Calculator - Screenshot 3 IRPF Calculator - Screenshot 2

This application calculates Spanish taxes and has been recently developed in the brand new Apple's Swift.

The main purpose of the application is to calculate the withholdings related to the personal income as well as the monthly net salary. Results have been validated with the tools provided by the Tax Agency for years 2014 and 2015.

Some iOS frameworks as iAds or In-App Purchases have been implemented in this free software.

Finance Me!
Prague | January 2013
Finance Me! - Screenshot 1 Finance Me! - Screenshot 2

Finance Me! is a finance application for iPhone that has been discontinued due to changes in the iOS operating system since iOS 7.

Charts and budgets

It includes awesome pie and line charts at full screen that show the variation of expenses and incomes through time. The pie chart presents expenses and incomes sorted in categories. Also, an intelligent budget system helps saving in an easy way with limits to a certain type of expenses.

Present and future

One of the features that make Finance Me! different from other alternatives is the capability of discriminate between present and future, allowing the user to check the current state of the accounts despite of having added previously some future expenses or incomes. However, it also gives the option of predicting the state at short, medium and long-term, allowing the user to take the appropriate steps.

Full calendar

The calendar created for Finance Me! allows the user to check visually the incomes and expenses through time. It also makes possible checking the state of the different accounts in a certain date in a quick and easy way with balance view.

Intelligent and recurrents

Recurrent transfers are totally intelligent, not simple duplicates, changes move through time forward and backwards making editing an easy task.

Prague | November 2012
pNote - Screenshot 1 pNote - Screenshot 2

Inspired by classics note pads, pNote pretend to be the perfect place for writing from a simple address to your most deep thoughts.

In order to make notes more complete, attractive and helpful, in pNote is possible to attach images and locations to them. A calendar has been added in order to make pNote able to be used as a personal diary.

Web design
Tom Tucker
Madrid | April 2010 - March 2013

Tom Tucker forum is a private social network with multiple services characteristic of this type of pages. It is the most ambitious web project carried out so far.

There are several sections where users can post comments or opinions. Each section is used to treat specific topics. There are different tools to ease the creation of comments with images or links. These comments may be edited later by the user who wrote them. There is also a method of "Highlights" to select the most valuable comments and include them in a special collection so that you can access the most interesting information quickly and easily.

The latest addition is a set of threads that allow access to any previous conversation about a topic. In this way comments about the same topic can be displayed all together and read in chronological order in an easy way, without comments about other things appearing in between. There are direct links to write comments directly in the most recent or popular threads. These links are updated automatically.

It is possible to upload pictures to the server in order to share them with other users, who can comment and rate them. A system to view the pictures in a photo gallery has been created to. Here the different images appear in chronological order.

Tom Tucker - Screenshot

In addition users have a home page where they can configure the data that become public and login information through a variety of options. They may choose an alias if they do not want to use their real name. Members can submit a description for their profile and a signature for messages. It is also possible to upload a profile picture that identifies them in all sections.

Tom Tucker members can post surveys and organize events in specific locations and dates. These surveys and events can be voted and commented on by other users through a simple and comfortable interface. In addition, several help menus allow users to easily include links or text in bold or italics to ease access to sources or remark some words or sentences.

There is also a blog where Tom Tucker users can post their ideas and make them public to external readers. This blog has a filter system to select the displayed information by up to three parameters simultaneously. Available parameters are: the user who wrote the article, the category and the date of publication.